Tonari No Seki No Hen Na Senpai

Tonari No Seki No Hen Na Senpai


Mebuki Mayumi likes handsome guys more than breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By a great stroke of luck that can only be called fate, she is suddenly transferred to the sales department, the section where the most beauties are concentrated. Surrounded by good-looking guys every day, "This is the beginning of paradise!" she shouts, as she does a crazy dance in her mind. The section manager is a handsome guy with model-like proportions, who is 182 cm tall. The innocent new employee pokes at her maternal instincts, and then there's the hottie who placed 8th nationwide in tennis during his college days.To her, it truly is the ultimate gathering spot of handsome men where all types could be seen. However, there was only one man who bothered Mayumi... Asahina Akio, the senior sitting next to her. He likes Mayumi, however, he's actually a disgustingly clingy, stalker-like, perverted bastard!

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