Tokyo Manji Revengers

Tokyo Manji Revengers
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    Toukyou卍Revengers ; Tokyo İntikamcıları ; Tokyo Manji Revengers ; Tokyo Revengers ; Tokyo卍Revengers ; Toukyou Revengers ; Токийские мстители ; Токійські месники ; 东京卍复仇者 ; 東京卍リベンジャーズ ; 東京卍復仇者 ; 도쿄 리벤저스
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Watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his girlfriend from way back in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girlfriend he ever had was just killed by a villainous group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. He lives in a crappy apartment with thin walls, and his six-years-younger boss treats him like an idiot. Plus, he's a complete and total virgin … At the height of his rock-bottom life, he suddenly time-leaps twelve years back to his middle school days!! To save Hinata, and change the life he spent running away, hopeless part-timer Takemichi must aim for the top of Kanto's most sinister delinquent gang!!

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