Tokyo Dted

Tokyo Dted


"When we enter high school, be sure to make me your own." was the promise made to Tetsuo Sugihara by childhood friend Kaede Shiraishi as young children before she moved away. Kaede never left Tetsuo's mind for a second for eight whole years, his dreams finally came true when they both reunited in high school. However his dream is crushed when she started dating his older brother. crushed and broken hearted he decides to take up a shady middle aged man on a job offer in Tokyo's Shimokitazawa district instead of college with his crush and older brother and after graduation sets off for his chance for change in this youth drama that tugs at your heartstrings as it depicts a young man who continues to mature through his many encounters and leave you wondering the questions,What awaits Tetsuo during his journey? Who awaits Tetsuo during his journey? Will he love again?...

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