Time Limited Elixir Of The Fallen Sega

Time Limited Elixir Of The Fallen Sega


After seven years of dormancy, “Ryeon,” the young version of Danmok Ryan who returned after witnessing his death, wakes up. Suddenly, a strange message appears before her: “Keep the life force level below 50. If this condition persists for two months or more, it will lead to death.” Unable to build her abilities, “Ryeon” must rid herself of the life force accumulating in her body. Meanwhile, “Chin Hwa Reonya,” the young future head of the Machin Temple, confronts her, wondering why he serves in her household and is two years younger than her. Additionally, the chicken turns into a hawk, and the cat into a bakho. With a series of unexpected surprises, can “Ryeon” live a happy life in this new existence?

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